A broad view on customer satisfaction

Founded in 1923, Okasan Securities Group is a Japanese firm specializing in security investment and asset management. For its 90th anniversary, the company was looking for an appropriate way to express its appreciation towards its customers and give back to the community. Reflecting the group’s commitment to and broad view on customer satisfaction, a brand-new digital dome was installed on top of the office building in Tsu, Japan, complet with state-of-the-art projection technology from Barco.

Since its inauguration, Okasan Securities has always focused on building customer trust and confidence. Its corporate philosophy—“Every effort for the sake of customer satisfaction”—is more than just a slogan. The digital dome, which offers room for up to 80 people and has a diameter of 14.4 meters, is testimony to that.

Gift to the community
As Okasan’s birthday gift to the regional community, the planetarium’s main goal is to present quality content—such as scientific movies and space simulations—to elementary school children and visitors to the office. The highly-educational images are provided by Japan Science Foundation. 

Solutions for stargazers 
Five of Barco’s SIM10 training and simulation projectors are used to ‘painting’ images in ultra-high resolution onto the building’s hemisphere. Equipped with optical blending and warping technology, the projectors manage to create a detailed, undistorted image on the curved surface. This, in combination with the dynamic contrast range, makes the SIM10 the projector of choice for planetariums.

Experienced partner
“Barco’s experience and knowledge of multi-channel applications was key in our decision-making process,” says Mr. Okuno at the Japan Science Foundation. “And after seeing the SIM10’s cutting-edge technology in action, we are convinced that we chose the best way to present our high-quality educational content to the audiences.” 


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